Creative Writing Group

The Creative Writing Group started in September 2015, and currently has about ten regular attendees. It is open to those who enjoy writing short stories, or want to try. It is also open to people who have started to write a novel, or are interested in writing one. The focus is on prose or poetry for adults or older teenagers. The maximum number of group members will be fourteen, to ensure that all who want a turn to read a piece can do so on a regular basis. All you will need to bring is pen and paper and your output, together with 30p if you would like a mid-session cup of coffee/tea and a biscuit. Assignments will be set for those who want to have a set theme, rather than continuing with their own writing. In our first year we produced an e-book, Shades of Creativity. Contributions were voluntary. Apart from the book, most work is read aloud rather than studied on the page, which keeps the emphasis on creativity rather than spelling and punctuation. This friendly group provides opportunities for imagination to run free and to learn from each other to make stories more interesting. Meetings are held fortnightly at 10am at the Century Bowling Club, generally 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. See Kenton U3A diary for future dates.

If you are interested, please contact: Group Leader, Esther Lipton, tel: 020 8909 1308, email: Or Marian Rummer, tel: 020 8907 3512, email: