About Us


Kenton & District U3A (founded in March 2014) is part of the University of the Third Age OR "U3A".

What is the U3A?

U3A is a UK movement of retired and semi-retired people - people in their "third age" - who come together to continue their educational, social and creative interests in a friendly and informal environment.

Why Join?

It doesn't matter what your previous experiences, e.g. jobs and qualifications are. The focus is on fostering new interests and experiences through group meetings. Our members also report major benefits in terms of creating new friendships, building confidence, combatting loneliness, feeling supported and, perhaps most important of all, feeling valued, having fun and enjoying life.

Why a "University"?

The word "University" is used in its original sense of people coming together to share and pursue learning in all its forms. Although called a University, no academic qualifications are required or given. It is just for pleasure.

Who teaches?

Members with a lifetime of experience, expertise or know-how in professions, occupations or through hobbies are encouraged to form study or interests groups for other members to come along to whether that is English literature or cookery, music appreciation or rambling.

Who can join?

Anybody in their third age can join U3A. Most of our members live in Kenton, Kingsbury, Sudbury, Preston & Wembley. All our interest groups meet during the day, so any local person who is retired or semi-retired can join if they have some available time.

Who runs Kenton & District U3A?

A Management Committee is elected annually from the membership. Committee members and individual members who run interst group activities act on a purely voluntary and unpaid basis. It is on their willingness and service that the whole idea of the U3A depends.

Who pays?

Kenton & District U3A receives no direct funding from Central or Local Government. It is financially independent and relies solely on members' subscriptions (currently just £35 a year).

Where do the groups meet?

Kenton and District U3A groups either meet at the Harrow District Masonic Centre (HDMC), Northwick Circle, Kenton HA3 0EL or in members' houses.

Are there other U3A groups?

The University of the Third Age is a worldwide organisation. In the UK there are now more than 1000 local U3A groups with a growing total membership, now in excess of 450,000. For more general information regarding the history and present day running of the U3A, visit The Third Age Trust website.

What Activities are on offer?

Members of Kenton & District U3A can take part in a whole range of local mostly weekly, fortnightly and monthly classes, interest groups and activities. The groups our members get involved with are wide ranging. They include some that have an educational slant (such as English literature and Art History), some that are primarily prctical (e.g. cookery, painting) and all are unashamedly social. Other popular activities include visiting speakers, current affairs discussion, healthy living discussion, walks and rambles, creative writing, board games, music appreciation, play reading, German and French conversation, London outings, museum and gallery visits and film club. You can join as many as you wish. Our DIARY includes the full list of current interest groups.